Client and Prospect Engagement

Deeper client relationships are built when advisors lead with advice for meaningful, proactive client engagement. 

Bento empowers Advisors to do just that. 

Our technology finds advice opportunities and sends them to the Advisor at the right time with all the client materials and background information needed to engage with a client or prospect. 

We use the power of technology to scale personalization so every client and prospect in your book gets the advice they need, when they need it.



Advice Engine

Content Library

Timing Expertise

Bento Technology integrates quickly with your existing technology via proven Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

We currently integrated with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Redtail, Wealthbox, Practifi and XLR8. We also integrate with our clients’ email systems.

Our Advice Engine scans your existing CRM for advice opportunities.

When an advice opportunity is found, relevant content is pulled from the Bento Proprietary Content Library.

Based on our Advice Timing Expertise, the advice opportunity and Bento content is delivered to the Advisor in the form of an Advice Package with the appropriate lead time for that advice opportunity.

Because we use your CRM to both mines for advice opportunities and deliver the Bento Advice Package, there is no need to install and train on a separate Bento application. This reduces Advisor hassle and speeds adoption.

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To “break through the noise” and have a real positive impact, wealth management advice needs to be:

Bento maintains a comprehensive Proprietary Content Library full of impactful wealth management advice. We deliver that content to advisors compliance pre-approved and “ready-to-go” in multiple formats (e.g., PPT pages, email templates, talking points).

Below you can find examples of our Bento Advice Content.

Bento Advice Materials

#1: Advice Opportunities Around Social Security Benefits

Date posted: 15 July 2021

The Need or Advice

According to a recent study by the Nationwide Retirement Institute®, more than 2/3rd of clients aged 57+ have NOT received advice from their Financial Professional on how and when to best file for Social Security Benefits. And 72% of clients say that they are Extremely or Somewhat Likely to switch their Financial Professional if they do not receive this type of advice.

A call to action to all Financial Advisors:

Our Content

Yes, the question of the best timing for starting Social Security Benefits is complex, but tools such as the below Decision Tree can help.

when to best

And Bento provides impactful, compliance pre-approved “ready to go” advisory materials that Financial Advisors can share with their clients or prospects. The materials come in a variety of formats, so that Advisors can utilize whatever mode of communication works best for a particular client or prospect – PPT page, email, talking points … Bento has you covered!

PowerPoint Pages

social security benefits slide
supporting information slide

Advisor FAQs

when to claim

Advisor Talking Points

claiming social security

Client Email Template

claiming social security

Moreover, should you want to brush-up on certain advisory topics, Bento also provides Internal Use Only “Advisor FAQs”, where we address commonly asked questions. So you can shine and serve your clients well.