Use Cases

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Serving Existing Clients

Bento puts the power of technology to work to allow you to focus on what’s important – interacting with your clients. We scan your CRM for advice opportunities and then deliver client-ready content and advisor tools to you just at just the right time to engage with your client or prospect.

Prospecting New Clients

Nothing speaks louder to a prospect than when you engage with them in meaningful ways, especially when their existing Advisor is not. Our technology scans your CRM for prospect advice opportunities in the same way it does for your clients. Bento provides a personalized yet low-effort way to show your prospects how you work with your clients to provide impactful, timely advice.

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Bridging to the Next Generation

It’s never too early to begin building a relationship with the next generation. Bento identifies meaningful opportunities while the children are in their teens and 20s. Whether your contact is through the parents or directly with the adult child, both parent and child will appreciate the proactive approach to important moments early in their financial life.