For Financial Advisors

We look for people

Client oriented

A truly client-centric Financial Advisor, if you really care about your clients and their families


Would like to strengthen and deepen your existing client relationships.

Convertion Rate

Interested in increasing your prospect conversion rates.

Bento recently surveyed older, wealthy Americans that work with a human advisor:

68% of Americans pass without a Will.
67% of Americans don't know what a 529 plan is.
“When you turned 50, did your FA discuss the option of making ‘catch-up contributions’ with you?”
“When you turned 62, did your FA advise you on when to best start taking your Social Security benefits?”

What do we do

Bento empowersFinancial Advisors to lead with advice. Advice that goes beyond investing. Advice that is timely, personalized and improvesthe lives of their clients and growsAdvisor’sbusiness.

3 keys
Bento has 3 key components:
Extensive library

impactful wealth management advice, based on latest laws and regulations.

Powerful technology

Powerful technology that puts your CRM on steroids, makes it really work for you, your clients and your prospects

Expertise around timing

When to best deliver certain types of advice – even the best advice will fall flat when delivered at the wrong time

How much you care

What are the benefits?

Prospect conversion

Share impactful advice with your prospects and their families in ways that show you care, in ways that build trust.

Client retention

Reduce attrition and increase share of wallet -- Bento’s advice can help you become and remain the lead trusted advisor.


Diferentiate yourself from “robo” and other advisors by adding personalized value.


Demonstrate your consistent, highly compliant rendering of advice in well-documented ways.